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Maintain control over
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Our expert strategies align with your goals, offering constant
support while giving you the final say on all investment decisions.

Why opt for an advisory mandate?

  • Retain complete control over your investment choices while receiving tailored strategic and tactical advice to meet your specific needs.
Specialized professional
  • Access personalized investment guidance from your assigned relationship manager.
Portfolio monitoring and research expertise
  • Take advantage of our daily portfolio monitoring and research proficiency by accessing our analytics.
How does it work?
Our top priority is understanding your needs and goals. We explore questions such as what matters to you, your desired level of involvement in investments, investment horizon, risk profile, and themes of interest.
Once this process is complete, you, along with your relationship manager, define the desired interaction frequency. Your advisor will actively support you with personalized investment ideas, giving you the flexibility to implement choices that suit you.
to frequently
asked questions
Placed in one place with care so you don't have to search for it.
Can I personalise my advisory mandate?

You can opt for different investment strategies and profiles based on the model, your risk tolerance, and investment horizon. Ultimately, you retain control over every investment decision.

Why should I opt for an advisory mandate at Raison?

Raison provides an extensive array of in-house solutions, complemented by our open architecture that permits investments in vehicles managed by carefully chosen fund managers.

Additionally, our senior management is available to address your queries regarding our investment strategy or broader market discussions.

Raison also offers a broad range of investment instruments for your consideration.

How frequent is the interaction with Raison?

The frequency of interaction depends entirely on your personal preferences and the specific mandate you select. It can range from monthly, weekly, to even daily interaction.

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