Affiliate Program

Make a profit with us

Invite your friends with a €5.00 gift and get €5.00 + 25% regularly from their transaction fees. Looking for a reason to join the world of digital assets? We’ll give you a Raison.
Affiliate Program

What do I get out of this?

For every new customer you bring us through your efforts, you'll earn money. The more customers who sign up using your referral link, the greater your earnings will be.
What do I get out of this?

How the program works

You are getting a one-time €5.00 payment from each of referral and lifetime 25% profit
share from each fee-generating transaction.

Share invite code

Send the code or link by selecting contacts from your phone, or share it how you like.

They join us

Your referral registers an account and starts trading*.

You get a reward

Once your referral completes all the steps, the rewards will appear in your account.

Lifetime profits

Once again, when your referral trades with Raison you are earning 25% of our profits
from all your referrals' transaction fees*.
€1,000 0.14 BTC
Referral’s exchange
+ €2.5
Raison’s profit
+ €0.63
Affiliate’s profit
* — eligibility is subject to some limitations depending on
referral’s type, his trading volumes and geographical restrictions.
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