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Promising opportunities for investors seeking enhanced returns and reduced volatility as compared to traditional asset categories.

Why invest in private companies

Besides investing in the biggest disruptors of the market, you do get more profit. According to Pitchbook, over a long term horizon, venture capital investments show the highest returns compared to real estate, private debt, and others.
Why invest in private companies

How do we select the opportunities

Our expert analytics carefully select companies at various stages and industries. We invest in more mature startups with stable valuations, working technology, proven business models, and are backed by leading venture capital firms.
Main focus is on fintech, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, space technologies, and web3.
How do we select the opportunities

Invest with the best venture capital firms, investment banks and private equity funds

Venture capital

Join our regulated PE/VC fund on a deal-by-deal basis with promising opportunities.

Exclusive deals

Unlock your wealth's full potential with enhanced
selection of startups across diverse industries.
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Stay ahead of the curve

Get the advantage to invest in companies that are shaping our future before they go public and become accessible to all. Diversify like a pro.
Stay ahead of the curve

Global trend
on private companies

According to The Wall Street Journal, the average age of technology companies going public in 2000 was 4.5 years,
and in 2018 — 12 years.
In the private investment market
On the public market
Source: Pitchbook, Capital IQ

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