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Through our discretionary solutions, our committed specialists handle your portfolio based on agreed-upon investment objectives, risk tolerance, guidelines, and a disciplined approach. Our array of discretionary mandates spans across all significant asset classes and styles.

Why opt for a discretionary mandate?

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  • Access professional investment management guided by a robust investment process.
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  • Liberate your time to concentrate on your top priorities.
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  • Experience calmness, assured that your wealth is entrusted to reliable experts.
How does it work?
Firstly, you share your personal and financial situation, along with your objectives, requirements, and risk tolerance. Based on our robust portfolio engineering capabilities, we offer unbiased advice on investment strategies that align with your profile and goals.
Once you've selected a strategy, Raison takes over the management of your assets, making investment decisions on your behalf.
With ongoing portfolio monitoring and regular reviews, we ensure your portfolio stays in line with your chosen strategy, which you can adjust at any time. Regular reports keep you informed about your portfolio's performance.
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What kinds of discretionary mandates do you offer?

We categorize mandates into five types: globally diversified, regionally focused, asset class-specific, modular (combining offerings from across Raison's mandate landscape), and sustainability.

What is Raison’s investment process for its discretionary mandates?

Our investment process merges top-down analysis, involving asset allocation defined by our Investment Committee, with bottom-up portfolio management. This means our portfolio managers make individual investment decisions aligned with your chosen strategy or investment approach.

How and when do you make tactical decisions?

Our Investment Committee systematically evaluates market and economic conditions, adjusts asset class weightings, and identifies short-term opportunities. Tactical decisions are derived from these assessments.

What kind of reporting do you provide?

We provide personalized monthly, quarterly and yearly performance reports available for your access whenever you need them.

How can I combine a discretionary mandate with my sustainability goals?

Opt for our sustainability mandates, encompassing multi-asset-class and equity mandates. These mandates predominantly invest in high-quality companies with exceptional MSCI environmental, social, and governance (ESG) research ratings, aiming to achieve long-term, risk-adjusted financial returns.

Who manages my portfolio?

A team of committed portfolio managers oversees your portfolio, and you have direct access to them.

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