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What is a public equity

Typically, public equity refers to the shares of a company and ETFs that are traded on an exchange like the NYSE.
The contemporary stock market enables you to invest in well known companies like Apple, Google, McDonald's, and more. With Raison, you can easily accomplish this with just a few clicks and a modest investment.
What is a public equity

What are you getting

US stocks
  • Choose from numerous stocks, and own a slice of some of the most popular companies on the planet.
  • Invest in ownership by a group of underlying assets trading like individual stocks.
International markets
  • Non-US exchanges, a wide range of trading venues, and alternative liquidity providers and platforms.

Additional income

Stocks and ETFs give the opportunity to earn dividends in the form of additional payments to investor’s brokerage account. This is added income on top of the generated gains from trading, regardless of the market value of the stock or ETF.
Additional income

Capital gains

Public equity has great potential for garnering good gains in investments over time. Daily stock values may fluctuate, but the stock market value tends to go up over time. Thus if a stock you bought appreciates over time, you can be said to have made “capital-gains”.
Capital gains

Scope for liquidity

Public equities have relatively more scope for liquidity in comparison to other types of investment or asset classes. They can be traded within seconds on the exchanges.
Scope for liquidity
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